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Lactation consults

Comprehensive, in-person and virtual lactation consultations in the San Francisco Bay Area that support parents in meeting their infant feeding goals.

As a trained lactation consultant (IBCLC), I work with clients that have questions about the best way to feed their babies. These can include newborn feeding, breastfeeding while pregnant, using breast pumps, breastfeeding or chestfeeding older babies, or inducing lactation.

I am also able to give support to parents experiencing breastfeeding pain or chestfeeding pain—or who are dealing with other problems, such as low milk supply.

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    In-person consultations

    Office visits allow me to accurately weigh your baby to make sure they’re gaining enough—which can give new parents confidence. When needed, we also can measure the amount of milk delivered, and do a full breast exam and oral exam for your baby.

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    Online lactation consultations

    Virtual consults can be great for taking histories and troubleshooting common questions and problems. Most of what we do in-home can be effectively replicated online. Read more about what to expect from a lactation consult during COVID-19.

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    Bottlefeeding & pumping

    I advise clients on bottle-feeding technique, pumping schedules, and strategies to fit your family. Together we can select pumps, bottles, and other feeding equipment, as well as how to use and clean it—and store excess milk!

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    Comprehensive care plans

    All our appointments end with a comprehensive care plan. This includes notes on everything we talked about, and links to resources and videos on key topics—as well as when to follow up.

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    Patient portal

    Clients can access a HIPAA-compliant patient portal to book appointments, make secure payments, view care plans, and message me directly.

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    Insurance billing

    I bill direct to Aetna. With all other HMOs and PPOs I supply you with a standard superbill which you can submit for reimbursement. I can accept payments from health spending accounts.

Online classes

Feel prepared and confident about feeding your baby with self-paced online breastfeeding courses.

I'm excited to offer my first online class, Breastfeeding and Chestfeeding Basics, especially for anyone who is struggling to get the support they need because of COVID-19.

Feeding your baby is one of the things you spend the majority of your time doing in the weeks following their birth. Having confidence in breastfeeding or chestfeeding will bring peace to your whole postpartum experience. This course aims to help you and your baby to thrive by covering all the common questions and concerns new parents have using example videos. You can read more about what the class includes here!

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I saw 4 lactation consultants for my son's breastfeeding issues before meeting Laura Howells, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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